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Skidbrooke Church


Due to the weather we did not get many good photos. The mist came down thick and fast but as you can see the church is very old and the grave yard has a lot of very old tombstones.

this photo was taking during the investigation in Skidbrooke Church, not much activity was recorded during our investigatio as the weather took a turn for the worse in the shape of fog and we had some uninvitied guests in the shape of 5 locals teenages whom had come straight from the pub, but as you can see in these picture of the old bell tower the church is very old and abandond with all the glass windows and interior been removed, we do plan to go back to Skidbrooke Church to undertake another investigation when the weather is more favourable and hopefully this time we no unwanted guests, we will put any pictures and info of our return to Skidbrooke on our site at a later date.

The gravestones in this picture are of six sailors (5 of whom are still unknown to this day as dipicted on their gravestones) that were found washed up on the east coast near saltfleet, the sailors where from the crew of the SS ORSA which was sailing from the Tyne with a cargo of coal heading for Bordeaux when she struck a mine 20 miles of Flamborough Head (first reports indicated that she was sung by the German Submarine u-15) on the 21/10/1939. Sadly 16 of her crew perished and were washed up at variousw points along the east coast, it was a very humbling moment to be stood next the graves of these brave men whom gave their lives trying  to maintain the freedom of others, GOD BLESS THEIR SOULS

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