Hubbards Hill Investigation

This is our second investiagion and we had great results.

This photograph was taken as we were leaving the Hubbards Hills area, Tony took the photo after Paul sensed something close by. You can see in the picture something above Paul's head. Once we had uploading the image to a pc we played around with the contrast and brightness which reveals 2 legs complete with shoes and strangely a third leg just above Micks head, we even checked  to see if we had be stood near any trees or something of that nature but we hadn't, we had been stood in the open area of the site with a small river to the left of the picture and a open grassed area to the right, as of yet we can offer no explanation for these legs in the image, if anybody has any suggestions as too what these could be please drop us a line.

Same picture as above but with the contrast and brightness adjusted which clearly shows a pair of legs hanging over Pauls head and what we believe to be a third leg hanging in between Paul and Mick.

Again this photo was taken after Paul sensed something (which i must add he said at the time was not a nice feeling) on the left hand side of his body, tony took the photo in the area that Paul had indicated and at first when viewing the photo on the camera nothing seemed to be visible other than Paul and a faint orange/yellow light to the right of Paul, after the image had been uploading on the the pc we again as in the first one turned up the brightness and the outline of a figure became visible off to the left of Paul and seemingly floating in the sky, again this figure was not visible to any of us with the naked eye and we have no idea what it is doing there, but it does make a very interesting photo to say the least.

This picture was taken on a different day to the above photos but as you can see this is another interesting photo.

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