Holy Denes Investigation


       May 25th 2011



Nothing happened during this lone investigation despite this location being the scene of a murder inquiry back in April 1969 but it is my intention to return here later in the summer of 2016.

About Me

My fascination with ghosts & spirits began many years ago as a child, listening to my elders talking about their own ghostly experiences sending me to bed with just my eyes peering over the blankets. Ever since I have been a 50/50 sceptic, always watching Paranormal TV programs & wondering if there was any truth in their evidence. In March 2008, after a conversation at work with three other colleagues about ghosts, it was time to find out the truth & I have to admit, the evidence we have collected as a group in the early days ( & latter) my scepticism has gone from being 50/50 to 80/20 (in favour of). With that said, I am now part of a group called Paranormal Lincs & have been since Jan 2012, my role is to capture video & audio evidence of the paranormal. I work alone (not being anti-social) because, in my experience, the best way to capture any evidence is to be away from any noise that may cause audio contamination. The equipment I use is basic & simple, video recorders, night vision boosters, voice recorders, an SB7 spirit box & a camera with UV night vision.


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